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Get to Know Weed Man

The Weed Man Springfield, MA team lives and works in the communities that we serve. Offering quality service is our main goal for our customers and neighbors. Meet your Springfield, MA Weed Man team of lawn specialists who are professionally trained to manage all of your lawn care needs. We're happy to introduce ourselves!




Tell us about yourself

“I started landscaping in 1977 and have focused on growing my business by helping to grow our people. Since 2001, I have operated a Weed Man franchise in the Greater Springfield-Hartford area. In 2015, my team was honored to receive the Weed Man USA Award of Excellence for top achievement within Weed Man USA. A core principle of mine is doing what I can to prevent people from suffering due to hunger. We commit support and resources to support Food Banks and Soup Kitchens in the communities we service.”

What hobbies outside of Weed Man do you have?

“My hobbies outside of Weed Man include: camping, hiking, golfing and gardening.”

When Weed Man is a success… what does that look and feel like to you?

I feel Weed Man is successful when I can grow the company while also seeing employees grow their careers and as people. To me it’s a Win-Win situation.”




My career at Weed Man has given me opportunities as an office assistant, technician, service manager,  quality control manager and technical manager. Most notably, I was able to reshape our quality control initiative and grow my skills as a coach while raising the standard for our team. Now in my role as COO I’m able to use those experiences to impact performance management across all our departments, as well as coach the leaders of our technical team and oversee human resources and financials.

I’m most proud  to be a part of an organization that exists because of someone that wants to help other people achieve everything they want in their lives. Helping others is something I value more than anything, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the company that my dad grew from the ground up, around that principle. 

Outside of Weed Man, I love coaching and playing volleyball and spending time with my family and our dog.



Tell us about yourself


“I’ve worked for Weed Man since 2006. I started as a Door Knocker, then became a technician while I attended UMASS Amherst. Once I graduated with an associates degree in Turf-Grass Management I was promoted to a Senior technician. Once I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication in 2012, I decided to take on Canvassing Manager. The following year I was promoted to Sales Manager, which led me to my current position of Branch Manager for Weed Man Springfield.”


What hobbies outside of Weed Man do you have?


“Outside of Weed Man I play in a men’s Hockey league as a Goaltender. I also enjoy playing golf, as well as spending time with my wife and son.”


When Weed Man is a success what does that look like for you?


“For me, Weed Man’s success comes through the growth of our people. Seeing our employees evolve as people and employees gives me an overwhelming sense of pride.” 




Tell us about yourself:


“I have a masters degree in health education and a bachelors in movement education. I spent 20 years as an educator and coach before coming to Weed Man as a Technician. Now, I am an educator and coach as the Director of Operations at Weed Man.” 



What hobbies outside of Weed Man do you have 


“Being a man of a certain age, I have converted from playing sports to watching them. Also, I have become interested in doing more woodworking in the near future.” 



What is your philosophy on treatment of your employees?


“I aspire to treat each employee with respect and show them that they are a crucial part of our team. I feel that helping to develop each individual as a person and employee will help them contribute to the business. Ultimately, this growth will help them achieve personal success.”




Tell us about yourself


“I started working for Weed Man Springfield when I was 19, as a technician. After two and a half years as a technician I was promoted to Service Manager. Later that year, I took on coordination of door-to-door canvassing. In the Spring of 2021, after four and a half years with Weed Man, I was promoted to Branch Manager of Weed Man Hartford. Also, I am currently working on my Bachelors in Business Administration.”



What hobbies outside of Weed Man do you have?


“My hobbies outside of Weed Man include: cooking, playing drums, listening to music and podcasts, watching football, movies and exercising.”



When Weed Man is a success… what does that look like to you?


“Success at Weed Man is being able to help grow and prepare your peers, employees and self for endeavors not only at work, but throughout our lives. We are successful when we play a part in increasing the quality of life for our customers and employees, alike.” 





“I’ve worked at Weed Man since 2017. I started as a Technician and moved up to a Field Manager in 2021. I became involved in direct marketing in 2023 and in 2024 became the Technical Manager and Marketing Supervisor.

In my personal time I enjoy running, baseball and collecting sneakers.





I started with Weedman in 2021, coming from a different  lawn care company where I was the Manager for technical operations and services. I began here as a technician, spent a few years helping out where help was needed, and landed where I am now as the manager for  all Mosquito, Tick, Tree, Shrub, and Bed Weed Services.


Outside of weedman I mostly spend time with my daughter, watch movies, read books, and build things in my small woodshop.


Success for me is all about customer service. It is the reason I am here. Our owner Tom, in my initial interview, told me, "We are a customer service company that happens to do lawn care", which has always stuck with me. If my customers are happy, I am happy.




I have worked the past several years for Weed Man Starting in July of 2016. Throughout my tenure at Weed Man, my commitment to excellence and willingness to take on new challenges propelled me through various roles within the organization. What had begun as a part time sales representative position turned into a remarkable journey of growth and development, leading me to my current role as the Office Manager.


Outside of my professional achievements at Weed Man, I am an avid camper and scenic trail hiker. 


For me Weed Man’s success comes from our professional growth and our team’s engagement. Most importantly our customer satisfaction and retention. Consistently delivering exceptional service to customers, resulting in high levels of satisfaction and long-term relationships. Building a loyal customer base that trusts and values your expertise is a success to me!